Upcoming Changes to Building Regulations

Upcoming Changes to Building Regulations

On 15th June 2022 a number of changes to the Building Regulations will be coming into effect. These cover the following Approved Documents:

·        Part L – Conservation of Fuel and Power

·        Part F – Ventilation

Plus, the following Approved Documents have been added:

·        Part O - Overheating

·        Part S – Infrastructure for Charging Electric Vehicles

These changes are intended to reduce the heating and cooling demands made by buildings as part of the Governments’ commitments to reduce the nation’s carbon usage.

What do they mean for your project?

The most important changes are contained within Part L, constituting increases in the thermal performance required for new walls, floors, and roofs.  This may result in an increased thickness for these elements, subject to choice of insulation product, which may have a knock-on impact on the cost of these elements.

The thermal performance of the new windows and doors will also need to be higher.  Window and door manufacturers have been developing more thermally efficient products in response.

Part F now includes a new requirement for existing dwellings to ensure that work carried out to improve the energy efficiency of the home does not reduce the efficacy of the existing ventilation. This may also cover the refurbishment of your kitchen or bathroom or the installation of a wet room and will also apply to all extensions containing habitable rooms (i.e., bedrooms, living or dining rooms or home office).  This will require an assessment to be carried out to identify what, if any, additional ventilation measures may be required.

The new Approved Document O regarding overheating includes guidance regarding maximum glazing areas for rooms. The size limitations will be subject to opportunities for natural cross-ventilation and physical measures incorporated into the design to provide shading.  However, for the time being this regulation is limited to new buildings only, so would not apply to extensions.

Similarly, the new Approved Document S requiring the installation of EV chargers only applies to new build dwellings.

These changes will affect all projects that are registered with Building Control after 15th June 2022 or commence on site after 15th June 2023.

As ever, Kimble Roden will develop our clients’ projects in accordance with all relevant building regulations and are happy to advise regarding how your project can be developed to minimize your energy consumption further.

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