Project Spotlight - Transforming a 1930s Bramhall Home: A Modern Makeover for Alan and Fiona

Project Spotlight - Transforming a 1930s Bramhall Home: A Modern Makeover for Alan and Fiona

We had the pleasure of working with Alan and Fiona to reimagine the ground floor of their 1930s detached house in Bramhall. The goal was to create a spacious family kitchen, a functional home office and improved utility spaces.

The Challenge

The original house, typical of its era, featured a small, cramped kitchen and limited access to the beautiful mature garden at the rear. Our task was to open up the space and enhance the connection between the indoors and the lush outdoors.

Before pictures

The Solution

We designed an extension across the back of the house, opening up the floor plan to create a stunning, light-filled kitchen and dining area. This main extension was complemented by smaller extensions on either side for a utility/boot room and a home office.

Key Features

Connection to the Garden: The new extension not only provides a visual link to the garden but also a physical one, making the outdoor space more accessible and enjoyable. The garden itself was landscaped to further enhance this experience.

Natural Light: A large flat rooflight spans the kitchen extension, ensuring daylight reaches even the deepest parts of the plan. The 2.6 metre high sliding doors offer optimal sightlines, seamlessly blending the interior with the exterior.

Materials and Aesthetics: We used two types of facing brick for the extension that complement the original house's brickwork, cleverly sidestepping the challenge of finding an exact match. The crittal-style internal doors pay homage to the house's original era, creating a harmonious transition from the traditional hallway to the contemporary kitchen.

Home Office: The desk in the office is built into a projecting bay window, allowing the client to feel immersed in the tranquil garden while working.

The completed project has truly transformed this house, making it not only functional but also a beautiful home for Alan and Fiona.

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