Inspired by history… Made for the future

Inspired by history… Made for the future

We are pleased to launch our new Brand Identity which has been developed from looking back into our ‘own history’ and then charting the future of our practice.

Kimble Roden has been providing world class design solutions for its clients for over a decade and our partners, Edwina and Emma, have over 70 years combined experience.  Emma and Edwina are both award winning architects and their skill set and that of their team in Creating Exceptional Residential Design is second to none.

Navigating through lockdown Emma and Edwina decided to review their mission, vision and values and reassess their own corporate image to ensure it reflected the way the practice intends to move forward in the future.

The whole process was incredibly up-lifting not just for Emma and Edwina but the entire team.  As part of the review they assessed the practice’s core propositions, the culture and ethos in the business and why clients choose to work with Kimble Roden.

During the process it became abundantly clear that Kimble Roden are one of the UK’s leading architecture and interior design practices evidenced by the quality of their work, the impressive client testimonials and their accolade of high level awards.

What also became clear was the practice’s own brand image wasn’t in line with the quality of their work. 

And so this started a journey of developing a new identity, colour palette and image of the practice which will help spearhead and encapsulate the vision which Emma and Edwina share for their business.

“We’ll let the results speak for themselves in the same way as the quality of our work speaks volumes but we believe the colour palette, style and fonts reflects precisely the image we have for our business.”

Suffice to say feedback from clients, partners and contractors alike has been incredibly positive and Emma, Edwina and the entire team are proud of their new identity and feel confident it now reflects the absolute quality of the solutions they provide to their clients day in day out.

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