Cranford Cottage - The Challenge and the Ideal Solution

Cranford Cottage - The Challenge and the Ideal Solution

At Kimble Roden, our mission is to create outstanding architecture and interior projects tailored to meet the needs of our clients. 

So, when our clients Helen and Andy approached us to design their kitchen extension after they had had a planning application refused by Cheshire East, we couldn’t wait to take the project on and bring our award winning creativity and technical brilliance to the table.

The existing house, based just outside Wilmslow, was a traditional rendered cottage and located in green belt with extensive gardens to the rear, but with a side boundary along a main road.

Our challenge was to respond to their brief for a large kitchen and entertaining space whilst acknowledging the constraints of the site context and planning.

Their existing kitchen was cramped and with a very low ceiling height they couldn’t properly enjoy the existing space, and the raised ground floor level made access to their beautiful garden difficult. 

Our ultimate goal was to improve the flow and internal space and to create a better relationship between the house and the garden.

Our solution was to build a single storey rear extension that stepped down from the existing ground floor entrance level opening out into a large open plan kitchen sitting and dining area. 

We incorporated the existing kitchen space but dropped the internal floor level so that it connected seamlessly with the new extension. By building a brick wall along the boundary with the main road, we created a visual and acoustic barrier and reoriented the view towards the garden.

With full height bi-fold doors to the rear and side, the new kitchen really feels a part of their lovely garden and gives them a sense of being part of their surroundings - in all weathers. 

Because the garden slopes away from the house the rear corner of the extension is accessed by corner steps – the extension sits on a brick plinth which really creates a sense of drama.

Our proposals were actually larger in floor area than the application that had been refused – but because it was designed to sit behind the existing house and was lightweight in its design and appearance the planning officer agreed that it was more sympathetic to the host dwelling and we had no issues in achieving a successful planning decision. 

The main part of the structure is a glulam frame which we have left exposed internally and the long slot roof light centrally over the space helps define the kitchen, dining and sitting zones. 

The exposed brick wall on the kitchen side creates a warm and natural palette with a backdrop to the dark green kitchen. Because the glazed element of the elevation is south facing, we introduced a deep overhang to create a covered walkway and to ensure solar shading in summer time.

We love how this extension maximises natural light and materials – and our clients are thrilled with how much the extension has improved their home.

In their own words ‘We love our new kitchen space and it’s changed how we live.’

Closing Thoughts

By hiring an architect, homeowners can leverage expertise in design principles and with their guidance, homeowners can ensure that their kitchen renovations result in spaces that are both beautiful and practical, enhancing the enjoyment and functionality of their homes for years to come.

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