Crafting Dreams: A Blueprint for Building Your New Home

Crafting Dreams: A Blueprint for Building Your New Home

Creating stunning living spaces are the hallmarks of Kimble Roden - combining creativity, design and function we aim to make our clients' dream spaces a reality.

Building a new home is not just about erecting walls and roofs; it's about breathing life into dreams, infusing them with practicality and aesthetics and creating exceptional residential design.

Our latest blog discusses the process of embarking on the journey of building your new home.


1. Dream to Reality: The Initial Consultation


Every architectural design begins with a dream. The first step is to sit down with us to discuss your aspirations, desires and practical needs. This initial consultation is crucial as it sets the tone for the entire project. Be prepared to discuss your lifestyle, family size, future plans and any specific architectural styles or features you admire.

2. Sketching the Vision: Conceptual Design


With the dream firmly in mind, we translate your ideas into a conceptual design. This phase is characterised by creativity and exploration, as we create the optimum solution to meet your brief. We will present layouts, elevations and 3D walkthroughs at this early stage so you can fully understand the design solution, and understand with clarity how your new home will work for you. We will also ensure budget costs are produced at this early stage so that you have visibility on the likely costs for your project.


3. Blueprint Precision: Design Development and Planning


Once the conceptual design is approved, it's time to get planning approval. We then refine the concept design to create a comprehensive set of information for the local authority for a planning submission. Our expertise will guide you through this phase of the project and with a 100% track record of successful planning outcomes, you can be assured you are in safe hands.

4. Bringing it to Life: Construction Documentation


With the design finalised, we then produce comprehensive construction documentation, including detailed drawings, interior details, specifications, and schedules. These documents serve as the roadmap for the builders, guiding them through every step of the construction process. Clear communication and coordination between us, builders, and other contractors are essential to ensure a smooth and successful project and will ensure you have a fixed price for your project.

5. Overseeing the Construction


As the construction begins, we oversee this phase and ensure that the design is executed according to plan. This involves regular site visits, addressing any unforeseen challenges and making necessary adjustments along the way. The goal is to maintain the integrity of the design throughout and to ensure any problems are dealt with swiftly and professionally – we will deal with the contract stage on your behalf.

6. Creating the Masterpiece: Completion and Handover


After months of hard work and anticipation, the moment of truth arrives - the completion of your new home. We then conduct a final inspection to ensure that every detail meets our exacting standards. Once satisfied, we hand over the keys, allowing you to step into your dream home and begin the next chapter of your life.


Closing thoughts


Building a new home is a deeply personal and rewarding experience, and having the guidance of an experienced architect can make all the difference. From conception to completion, architects bring dreams to life, blending creativity with technical expertise to create spaces that inspire and delight.

At Kimble Roden, our mission is to create exceptional residential design and we are highly skilled in creating bespoke architectural solutions that seamlessly blend different styles.  By carefully balancing elements of distinct styles and incorporating innovative design solutions, we create spaces and homes that are not only visually stunning but also functional and practical for modern living.

In order to ensure absolute quality, we have developed Our Delivery Pledge - a 5 Step Process for Creating Exceptional Residential Design. Our Delivery Pledge has been designed to provide the best possible service so you can enjoy the journey of making your vision a reality.

Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of traditional architecture or the sleek sophistication of modern design, our highly experienced team has the expertise and creativity to bring your ideas to life.


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