Climate Change in 2022

Climate Change in 2022

How design and material choices make a difference 

Climate change is happening at an alarming rate and the climate emergency is the biggest challenge facing not only the architecture profession but quite literally the entire world.

It is well known that policy makers are the first to make statements of intent but are often slow to act.  But to make a difference to our planet we need to act now.

The Royal Institute of British Architects are very active in this area too and have published a number of guides on designing and creating sustainable buildings.

Clearly the key priority is to reduce carbon emissions today to make a difference in the future and ensure we limit the devastating effects of global warming.

RIBA are encouraging all accredited Chartered Practices to join the 2030 Climate Challenge and Kimble Roden are part of the task force to make the changes happen.

It’s time to take action now!

Measures include taking steps to reduce operational energy, embodied carbon and potable water.

We’ll be providing more information in our Projects Section on new projects and how we are making environmental considerations in the design and implementation of our projects.

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